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  1. Auto interior fabric -- LV fabric, Gucci fabric, Coach fabric, LV vinyl - Angel Add Reply

    We sell Auto interior fabric -- LV fabric, Gucci fabric, Coach fabric, LV vinyl,Gucci vinyl, Chanel fabric, Burberry fabric, Burberry vinyl, MCM leather, Michael Kors fabric. Our site : www.kissfabric.com

  2. designer fabric, LV fabric, lv leather, gucci fabric, coach fabric, chanel fabric, burberry fabric - Angel Add Reply

    We supply designer fabric Louis Vuitton, LV fabric, LV vinyl, Gucci fabric, Coach fabric, Chanel fabric, Burberry fabric, MCM vinyl, MK fabric, etc. Our website : www.kissfabric.com Email : kissfabric@hotmail.com

  3. micro fleece -nonpill - Cindy Add Reply

    Baby blanket stripped in brown, blue, orange, white and light/lime green, and it was trimmed in beautiful blue satin. Micro-fleece/non-pill material.

  4. Beige Vintage Looking Baseball Uphostery Fabric - Jessica Add Reply

    I am in search of about 13 yards of a classic, vintage LOOKING baseball upholstery fabric, preferably with a beige background. Not with babies playing baseball. I have found a great print for $15.00/yard, but I would like to see if there is anything about half that much out there. Thank you!!

  5. white cotton with narrow blue pinstripe - Denise Add Reply

    I am looking for white cotton with a narrow blue pinstripe (preferably royal blue). I want to make my daughter a scrub top that will look like a baseball jersey.

  6. White with Pink Pinstripe baseball jersey fabric - Bobbie Add Reply

    I am looking for White fabric with Pink pinstripes like that used to make baseball jerseys with a pretty wide white stripe and a small pink stripe. Preferably in baby pink. I only need 1/2 yard but would take more if available.

  7. Nobilis - Design Dealer Add Reply

    Hello, I would like to obtain a price quote for the following fabric: Company: Nobilis Pattern: 8544/81 Content: 100% polyester Width: 130 Origin: Italy Total Order: 22.5 yards Please note that I am a professional designer looking for the best price quote.

  8. papier carbone rouge - andré Add Reply

    pour déssiner sur de la pierre

  9. Vintage 8917/90 by Nobilis - Liz Eastman Add Reply

    Where can I buy this fabric? I only need 3 metres? thanks

    1. Reply from - Tina

      Were you able to find this fabric? I can`t seem to find it either.

  10. Nobilis `Grenade` 50 metres - Patricia Add Reply

    It is a a curtain fabric by Nobilis of Paris. Please quote for 50 metres

  11. Brown with pink pin strip fabric for mens suit - David Heinz Add Reply

    looking for a 2pc brown suit with a pink pin strip. prefer a wool fabric for a mens suit

  12. brown and with light blue pinstripe - Billy Add Reply

    I`m looking for a brown and light blue striped material. I`m using this for a custom 1/6th scale figure. The stripes need to be very close together (less than 1/4 inch apart)so that it looks like a pinstripe suit once put together. I would take 1-2 yards if available.

  13. Black suit material with pink pin stripe - Jesse Add Reply

    I am looking for a Black suit material with pink pin strip for my girlfriend, who is making a 2 peice mens suit in textiles for V.C.E. We have looked everywhere and are getting pretty desperate. If anyone knows where we could find it, please email me jessebenson@three.com.au. Thank you.

  14. pink with thin white pinstripe suit fabric for a mans suit - Jane Oppegaard Add Reply

    I am looking for a pink with thin white pinstripes suit material for a 2 piece mans suit (Liam Gallagher is wearing one on 20 June 2006 edition of `Hello!` magazine)Can anyone help, its for a Christening next year and getting desperate. Many thanks.

  15. designer fabrics/vinyl--LV,Gucci,Coach,Burberry,etc - Diana Add Reply

    Hi, we are a big fabric factory in China. We produce designer fabrics and vinyls in brand of LV,Gucci,Coach,Chanel,Dior,Fendi, Burberry,DB,etc. Best price. Diana ( allenorder@hotmail.com )

  16. Pinstripe fabric for baseball uniforms, white background with dark blue or black pinstripes, doublek - Marianne Add Reply

    I am looking for about 20 yards of pinstripe doubleknit material similar to the fabric used for baseball uniforms. I am a photographer and I am doing a children`s set and I need vintage looking uniforms for the costumes on the set. I plan on making the costumes myself but can`t find the material.

    1. Reply from - george anacleto

      I have this fabric , its double knit used in baseball uniforms. More info email me at georgea88@yahoo.com

  17. Pink pinstripe on navy blue for men`s suit - Joe Galea Add Reply

    I am looking for a navy blue fabric with pink pinstripe suitable for a man`s suit which will be used by the groom during a wedding.

    1. Reply from - James

      Did you ever find out whether such a fabric exists?. I am actually lookign for a light blue with a pink pinstripe for a wedding suit. Cheers, James

  18. bold pinstripe suit fabric - Daniel Add Reply

    I am looking for a bold pinstripe fabric in royal blue, chocolate brown, charcoal, light gray,or even olive green with bold white pinstripes. I need enough material for a 3-piece suit. I`ve seen the right suits on these fabrics in the movie Aviator, the life of Howard Hughes.

    1. Reply from - Edward Davenport

      Dear Daniel: I, too, have taken to the internet in search of pinstripe suiting material suficient for a suit. Please let me know how it goes! Edward

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