Definition of Seersucker

Fiber: Cotton, rayon, synthetics.

Weave: Plain, slack tension weave.

Characteristics: A fabric usually striped cotton with alternate stripes crinkled in the weaving. CrÍpe-stripe effect. colored stripes are often used. Dull surface. Comes in medium to heavy weights. The woven crinkle is produced by alternating slack and tight yarns in the warp. This is permanent. Some may be produced by pressing or chemicals, which is not likely to be permanent - called plisse. Durable, gives good service and wear. May be laundered without ironing. Can be bleached, yarn dyed, or printed. Some comes in a check effect.

Uses: Summer suits for men, women, and children, coats, uniforms, trims, nightwear, all kinds of sportswear, dresses, blouses, children's wear of all kinds, curtains, bedspreads, slipcovers.

Derivation of Seersucker: Hind. Pers, alteration of shir o shakkar Lit Milk and Sugar.

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