Definition of Poplin

Fiber: Cotton, wool, and other textile fibers.

Weave: Crosswise rib. The filling is cylindrical. Two or three times as many warp as weft per inch.

Characteristics: A plain-woven fabric usu. of cotton, with a corded surface. Has a more pronounced filling effect than broadcloth. It is mercerized and has quite a high luster. It may be bleached, or dyed (usually vat dyes are used) or printed. Heavy poplin is given a water-repellent finish for outdoor use. Originally made with silk warp and a heavier wool filling. Some also mildew-proof, fire-retardant, and some given a suede finish. American cotton broadcloth shirting is known as poplin in Great Britain.

Uses: Sportswear of all kinds, shirts, boy's suits, uniforms, draperies, blouses, dresses.

Derivation of Poplin: obsolete French papeline, perhaps from Italian papalina (fem.)

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