Definition of Dyeing

The coloring of greige (gray) goods or fibers with either natural or synthetic dyes. This may be done in many different ways depending on the type of fabric (or fiber), the type of dye and the desired result Some of the more common methods are:
Continuous Dyeing Fabric is continuously dyed. Dye lots may run to 30.000 yards/color.
Jet Dyeing Used for dyeing Polyester. Pressure kettles are used to reach extremely high temperatures and force the dye into the fiber.
Milliken Dyeing Developed by Milliken & Company for continuous pattern dyeing.
Piece Dyeing Fabric is passed through the dye solution for a specified length of time.
Printing A term referring to methods of applying designs to greige goods. Some types of printing are roller printing, screen printing, and handblocked printing.
Solution Dyeing A solution of dye is added to the liquid synthetic before spinning it into a yarn.
Vat Dyeing An insoluble dye that has been made soluble is put on the fiber and then oxidized to the original insoluble form. Average dye lot 700 yards.
Yarn Dyeing Yarn is dyed before it is woven into fabric.
Cationic Dyeing A dye technique that allows certain fibers (like nylon, or polyester)to take deep and brilliant colors. When catonic fiber is fixed with conventional fiber, various multicolors and cross-dye effects can be achieved from a single dye bath.

Derivation of Dyeing: Middle English dien

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