Definition of Dimity

Fiber: Cotton

Weave: Plain weave with a crosswise or lengthwise spaced rib or crossbar effect.

Characteristics: A thin sheer with corded spaced stripes that could be single, double or triple grouping. Made of combed yarn and is 36" wide. Has a crisp texture which remains fairly well after washing. Resembles lawn in the white state. It is easy to sew and manipulate and launders well. Creases unless crease-resistant. May be bleached, dyed, or printed and often printed with a small rose-bud design. It is mercerized and has a soft luster.

Uses: Children's dresses, women's dresses, and blouses, infant's wear, collar and cuff sets, bassinets, bedspreads, curtains, underwear. Has a very young look.

Derivation of Dimity: Uncertain, possibly from the greek word dismitos meaning double thread, or after the city of Damieta in northern Egypt.

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