Definition of Cotton Brocade

Fiber: Cotton brocade often has the ground of cotton and the pattern of rayon and silk. Pattern is in low relief.

Weave: Jacquard and dobby

Characteristics: Rich, heavy, elaborate design effect. Sometimes with colored or metallic threads making the design usually against a satin weave background. This makes the figures stand out. the figures in brocade are rather loose, while in damask the figure threads are actually bound into the material. The pattern may be satin on a twill ground or twill on a satin ground. Often reversible. The motifs may be of flowers, foliage, scrollwork, pastoral scenes, or other designs. The price range is wide. Generally reputed to have been developed from the Latin name "brocade" which means to figure.

Uses: All types of evening wear, church vestments, interior furnishings, and state robes.

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