Definition of Cashmere

Fiber: From the Kashmir goat, a hair fiber found in Kashmir India, Tibet, Iran, Iraq, China, Persia, Turkestan and Outer Mongolia. Often mixed with wool or synthetics to cut costs and improve the wear.

Weave: All weaves but mostly plain or twill. All knits.

Characteristics: Fiber is cylindrical, soft and silken. More like wool than any other hair fiber. Has a very soft silky finish; very light in weight. Doesn't stand up to hard wear on account of extremely soft downy finish. Natural fiber is white, black, brown or gray but can be died a variety of shades. Comes in different weights.

Uses: The textile industry is only interested in the soft fibers. Knitted into sweaters for men and women, also women's dresses. Often combed and sold in tops and noils.

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