Definition of Camel Hair

Fiber: Hair from the camel. Sometimes blended with wool or imitated in wool.

Weave: Twill or plain.

Characteristics: Bactrian Species of the Chinese and Mongolian deserts. Under hair is best. It is light weight, lustrous and soft. It ranges from a light tan to a brownish-black color. Usually left its natural tones but can be dyed-usually navy and some red. It has quite a long nap and is warm. Better grades are expensive. Sometimes blended with wool to reduce the cost and increase the wear. All wool camel hair is not as lustrous and is spongy. Can have either a rich nap or a flat finish. Wears fairly well, particularly if blended.

Uses: Coats, women's suits, sports coats, sweaters, some blankets and put in some very expensive oriental rugs. It is also used in (fine) over coating, top coating, hosiery and transmission belts which will withstand dampness and moisture.

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