Definition of Sateen

Fibre: Cotton, some also made in rayon.

Weave: Sateen, 5-harness, filling-face weave.

Characteristics: Cotton fabric woven like satin with a glossy surface. Lustrous and smooth with the sheen in a filling direction. Carded or combed yarns are used. Better qualities are mercerised to give a higher sheen. Some are only calendered to produce the sheen but this disappears with sashing and is not considered genuine sateen. May be bleached, dyed, or printed. Difficult to make good bound buttonholes on it as it has a tendency to slip at the seams.

Uses: Dresses, sportswear, louses, robes, pyjamas, linings for draperies, bedspreads, slip covers.

Derivation of Sateen: satin, on the pattern of velveteen

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