Definition of Ottoman

Fibre: Silk, rayon, wool or synthetics.

Weave: Crosswise rib.

Characteristics: A heavy silken fabric with a mixture of cotton or wool. Heavy in weight - larger rib than both faille and bengaline. Very pronounced flat ribs in the filling direction. Ribs are made by a cotton, worsted, silk, or rayon filling which does not show on either the face or the back, because the warp covers the filling entirely. Is called Ottoman Cord or Ottoman rib when a warp rib is employed. Fabric is stiff and cannot be gathered or shirred. Like other ribbed fabrics, it has a tendency to slip at the seams and crack, so it cannot be fitted too tightly.

Uses: Evening wraps, formal coats, dressy suits, dressy afternoon wear, and after 5 wear.

Derivation of Ottoman: French ottomane, fem. of ottoman OTTOMAN

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