Definition of Brocatelle

Fibre: Silk, rayon, cotton, and synthetics.

Weave: Jacquard - double or backed cloth.

Characteristics: Originally supposed to be an imitation of Italian tooled leather - satin or twill pattern on plain or satin ground. It is recognised by a smooth raised figure of warp-effect, usually in a satin weave construction, on a filling effect background. True brocatelle is a double weave made of silk and linen warp and a silk and linen filling. Present-day materials may have changed from the 13th and 14th Century fabrics, but they still have the embossed figure in the tight, compact woven warp-effect. While brocatelle is sometimes classed as a flat fabric, it shows patterns which stand out in "high relief" in a sort of blistered effect.

Uses: Draperies, furniture, coverings and general decorating purposes as well as all kinds of after 5 wear.

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