Definition of Bengaline

Fibre: Silk, wool, rayon, synthetics, cotton.

Weave: Crosswise rib, warp faced.

Characteristics: A corded fabric resembling poplin but with heavier cords; it may be silk or rayon with worsted cords First made of silk in Bengal, India. Ribs are round and raised. Often has wool or cotton drilling in the ribs which doesn't show. Difficult to make bound buttonholes in it. Has a tendency to slip at the seams if too tightly fitted. Grosgrain and Petersham is bengaline cut to ribbon widths. The cloth is usually 40" wide.

Uses: Coats, suits, millinery, trims, bouffant dresses with a tailored look, mourning cloth, draperies. Cotele - A French term for bengaline made from a silk or rayon warp and worsted filling which is given a hard twist.

Derivation of Bengaline: French

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