Definition of Alpaca

True alpaca is hair from the Alpaca animal, a member of the Llama family of the South American Andes Mountains. Also imitated in wool, wool and alpaca, rayon, mohair and rayon or cotton and a cotton warp and alpaca filling also synthetics - e.g. orlon.

Weave: Various weaves, knits, and weights.

Characteristics: Fine, silk-like, soft, light weight and warm. It is very rich and silky with considerable lustre and resembles mohair. If guard hairs are used, it is inclined to be stiff. It is strong and durable. True alpaca is expensive so often combined with other fibres or imitated by other fibres - e.g. orlon. Alpaca is found in white, black, fawn or grey. The fibres are less coarse than those of the llama but are higher in tensile strength.

Uses: Men's and Women's suits, coats and sportswear, linings and sweaters. Some fine alpaca used for women's dresses. Also in pile or napped fabric for coating.

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