Definition of Acrylic

Acrylic resins, often called acrylics, are made by the polymerisation of acrylates or other monomers containing the acrylic group. Acrylic compounds are thermoplastic (they soften or fuse when heated and reharden upon cooling), are impervious to water, and have low densities. These qualities make them suitable for the manufacture of a variety of objects and substances, including moulded structural materials, adhesives, and textile fibres.

Such fibres are used to weave durable, easily laundered fabrics that resist shrinkage. It is a durable fibre with a soft, woolly feel. It has an uneven surface, making it different from most manufactured fibres. It comes in a variety of colours, and can be dyed easily. It is resistant to sun and chemicals.

Uses: Often used as a replacement for wool.

Derivation of Acrylic: Probably invented by some boffin on his/her day off.

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