Definition of Acetate

The ester cellulose ethanoate (cellulose acetate), referred to commercially simply as acetate, is used in fabrics, fibres, and films.

One of the first manufactured fibres. It is soft and has a crisp feel. It has the lustrous appearance of silk and excellent appearance when draped. It is not a strong fibre, as its resistance to abrasion is poor. Resists shrinkage, moths, and mildew and does not absorb moisture readily. Its yarns are pliable and supple and will always spring back to their original shape. It is fast drying and when heated becomes more pliable. Acetone and alcohol dissolve acetate fibres. Special dyes are required if it is to be coloured.

Uses: Clothing, uniforms, lingerie, carpets, bathing suits, draperies, automobile upholstery, fillings for pillows, interlinings.

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