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This guide is aimed at interior designers. If that's not you please select another profile.

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  • Add your details.
    We may already have some information about you, but if we don't have your phone number, your email address or your website url - how will anyone contact you?
  • Looking for someone?
    Search our database of retailers, agents, distributors, wholesalers, mills, consultants and designers.
  • Still can't find a supplier?.
    Add a message to our Wanted Board someone somewhere may be able to help.
  • Looking for some bargain fabric?
    Check out the Bargain Board for excess stock at extra low prices.
  • Need more information?
    Check out the Book list for publications on all facets of fabrics and textiles.
  • What's going on?
    Our calendar of events will keep you informed on all the important events in the fabric and textile world.
  • Need more staff?
    Review potential employees in our C.V. Bank or post your own requirements on our Job Vacancies board.
  • Looking for more information on a particular fabric or related process?
    Our dictionary has (almost!) all the answers.
  • Looking for new designs or designers?
    Visit our gallery of design.
  • What's new?
    Find out the latest industry news from around the globe.
  • Check the Wanted Board for new customers..
    The Wanted Board is a message board for people looking for fabric or advice. Does someone need your help?

  • And if there's anything else that we could do to help your business PLEASE let us know.

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